The Big Sur, Elephant Seals and Ocean Front Piers

Big Sur California

Big Sur, California

Entry # 151211 San Francisco – San Diego

Heading off from San Francisco in our rented Ford Escape, it was hard to contain our excitement even though the sun was yet to peak its head above the horizon. We had the goal of getting to Santa Barbara by day’s end, and would be taking coastal Highway Way 1 for the most part of the journey.

We didn’t get far before we were forced to stop due to one passengers ineffective bladder management, but it was in the sleepy yet picturesque Los Gatos so there were no complaints. The late Steve Jobs who founded the most famous half eaten apple in history, had a residence in this area and it was no wonder why. Tree lined streets, small community shops and attractive hillsides presented a strong feeling of comfort.

Pushing on it was surprising the variety of views out of the car window, from dense forest to sparsely populated moonscape and not long after the rocky coastline of Pebble Beach. The local homes of the area were painted pale blue or a soft yellow, complimenting their surroundings and even evoked a certain degree of Truman show-esque.

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